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I actually note down whatever names randomly pop into my head, and there will be someday when I will use that for someone. Asides from that, I use names from just about every mythology on the face of the planet, sometimes names from people I've met might pop into my head extra hilarity when said people end up in some ridiculously OP position like the Ruler of the Solar System , etc. Even forum names might work with some little tweaks.

Sometimes, I'll go for something Roman like Augustus or whatever I find fits well with a character, and sometimes I will pick a word and I will throw it into Google Translate. Extra hilarity for readers who speak that language and can "get it". I've had some rulers who I've named tyrant, thrown it into Google Translate, and got a new name back.

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I would agonize over them for hours and then I realized a few important things. Your hero is named Joe? Okay, just so long as his last name isn't Schmoe. Unless that's your running joke. If Ugroth, son of Balhatun of the Fashgar kingdom Or names by culture. No joke. A race is often called by an internal name, or by what others think of them.

They might be the "Alactria of the Emerald Forest" to themselves and be "Those damned tree folk" to everyone else. You just have to be careful that the final product isn't easily mispronounced. You know like poor Sha-theed. On my phone atm. If needed i alawys name them after my medicines.

I like making the names for characters. And countries. And buildings. And stuff. Then for everything else you just have to keep what Knave said in mind: Quote: A name isn't everything. Or Bill. Names are one of the few things it's ok to take from others :P. What's in a name? Couple vowels, throw in a handful of consonants, mash it up until you find something you like, then promptly write them down and pick it back up the next day. From there you can bastardize or make it nicer. Kh Lisa. Det er selve meningen med dette forum.

Dansk Astrologforening er i dag blevet nedlagt. Ellers vil der aldrig komme en bred tilslutning. Astrologforeningens lukning. Personligt synes jeg, det er en umulig tanke at skulle forene sig med fx en som Pierre, astrologforeningens tidligere formand. Intet med astrologisk substans, kun tomme floskler. Jo skeptikerne fangede den rette fisk til det program.

Jeg mener godt, man kunne lave en astrologforening, hvis man bare var parat til at erkende, at astrologer nu engang ikke er enige og arbejder med forskellige teknikker. Jeg tror, at Eva har ganske ret i, at astrologi dyrket som en religion, og magtkampe mellem forskellige fraktioner og enkeltpersoner, er det, der hindrer astrologer i at finde sammen.

Claus Houlberg "Jeg håber rigtig mange mennesker kommer i krise..."

En himmel til forskel jo Om Vandmandens og 7. Neptun er jo i virkeligheden utrolig positiv. Sikke en historie med skeptikeren! Overgangen fra krig, egoisme Mars - til hengivenhed og intuition Neptun lidt firkantet sagt. Tak for informationen! Lidt interessant i det lys ikke? Dansk Astrologforenings hjemmeside www. Personalized Letters from Santa make Great Gifts! Add an official "Good Boys and Girls" certificate from Santa certifying that your little one has made the list this year!

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